Firsts of Many Firsts

Firsts OF Many Firsts Post

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Welcome to June 1st! It’s the first of the month wake up wake up wake up…

Ok so back to the first matter at hand. It’s officially the first of the month and this will be my second first serious blog post where I will start to consistently post. I feel that the first of something always has a deeper underlying meaning. Firsts represents something new; an opportunity, experience, idea, goal, start, beginning.

So as I’m sitting here writing this,  I begin to think about some of the most memorable firsts I have had over the course of my 29 years that I would like to share. Maybe recalling the firsts in your own life will inspire you to start a “new first”.

  1. Cantaloupe . I was about six years old, it was early in the morning and already hot, a typical southern California summer morning. I woke up looking for something refreshingly cool, and my grandmother must’ve read my mind because she had a bowl of the sweet pastel goodness in a bowl waiting for me. Ever since that first bite I have been a serious fan of this life changing fruit.
  1. 2pac. The first time I heard him was actually when I was seven, my mother had moved me way to Little Rock, Arkansas and I was sitting down on the floor at my
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Music Friday’s Presents : Classic Man

Official Music Fridays

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Even though this song debuted in February 2015, it is still a guaranteed #headknocker. The first honoree of #MusicFriday’s is, Jidenna.

In light of the recent events that have been splashed across the media about innocent Black men being gunned down by the police in several cities around the county due in part to being racially targeted based upon appearance. Jidenna enters the scene with his song “Classic Man,” in which he steps out around town suited and booted, looking powerful, educated, and, taking care of business by helping and educating the youth.

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